PETRA Consultants Ltd. was founded by professionals for more than 30 years of extensive engineering experience in fields within scope/specialty of our toptenreviews laptop services.

Our Vision

To provide innovative, diversified, competitive, responsible, specialized, accountable, prompt, up to date and state of art services in a family atmosphere; building continuintoptenreviews laptop https://www.slotsups.comg relationship with our clients.

Our Mission

Our Multidisciplinary Group of Professionals combines Teamwork with Engineering to deliver Integral & Excellent services –at one stop- avoiding conflict, unnecessary expenses, and other possible causes of waste of time or inconvenience to our clients.

A Message from

Mike Guirgis, P.Eng., Principal of PETRA Consultants Ltd.

Dear Constructor, Builder and Developer

PETRA Consultants Ltd is family owned and operated, with Construction background and Engineering experience, that goes back to the 1950s; which means in brief that we know exactly what every client needs, and thrive to provide an integral quality service to our clients in the manner of our Vision & Mission






Our Group of Professionals are:

Backed by:

  • Our Firm Certificate of Authorization
  • Individual Professional Memberships
  • Building Code Certification/Identification
  • National & International Codes and Standards
  • Liability Insurance; extendable to cover clients/projects
  • Safety and Quality Programs
  • WSIB Coverage


Responsibility & Reliability

Our Team of Professionals;

Dedicated to providing services with:

  • Competency
  • Field Experience
  • Prompt level of Response
  • Degree of Care to Clients/Projects
  • Self Explanatory Designs/Plans
  • Detailed Plans/Drawings
  • High Level of Excellence

With the high level of response of our team, we work for the best interest of our clients; to avoid nonsense claims, lawsuit potentials, mitigate risks, and minimize/eliminate extra costs associated.



We keep Records of all Project Documents;

Not limited to:

  • Work Approach/Procedures/Policies
  • Design Methods/Parameters
  • Calculation Sheets
  • Observations
  • Precision Instrumentation Readings
  • Results and Data Analysis
  • Conclusions

In keeping records of -at least- all of the above we protect our clients’ interests; and provide evidence to co-consultants, municipalities and other authorities of jurisdiction.